End of season sales

Posted by Ine De Haes on

When I first started BONNIE & THE GANG, I decided that I wouldn't participate in the end-of-season sales.⁠


✂️ We design, develop, make, and sell our clothes at a fair price every single day of the year.⁠
⁠🔃 BONNIE & THE GANG keeps one continuously evolving range that doesn't get replaced twice a year but gets maintained or upgraded spontaneously.⁠
⁠⏳Each piece is well-considered and timeless, so it can last longer than a few months without losing its value.⁠
⁠👶👧👦Most of our styles are designed to 'grow into' so you can start with an oversized look with rolled-up sleeves and pants.⁠

*We might have discounts on some styles in the future if we decide not to repeat an item after being in the collection for at least two seasons⁠

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