At BONNIE & THE GANG, we believe in inspiring conscious consumption and sustainable choices. We put our hearts into making timeless and minimalist designs from organic cotton and recycled materials so that our babies and kids can grow into their clothes and enjoy our pieces for longer than one season. 

Founded in Belgium by Ine De Haes, who, while also caring for her little gang, inspired the idea to create beautiful pieces with respect for nature and people. 

Designed in Belgium and made with love in a small, family-owned factory in Portugal, our collection is crafted from the finest organic cotton and recycled materials.  

At BONNIE & THE GANG, we are committed to providing our community with the best quality sustainable apparel. We strive to create fashion styles that make a statement without harming the environment or exploiting people in the process. Our mission is to create mindful garments dedicated to caring parents who want only the best for their children while promoting long-lasting fashion choices that value sustainability over fast trends.