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Joining BONNIE & THE GANG means supporting the dream of a small brand that wishes to tell a sustainable story and let fashion breathe again.

We aim for conscious production and consumerism with respect for all people involved in the process. 

We all know about the deeper problems that overconsumption in fashion has caused. Not only are landfills filled to the brim with textiles and toxic materials from cheap dyes, but garment factories are also committing labor abuses all around the world to keep up with demand.

BONNIE & THE GANG is a small and young brand, but the responsibility lies within each of us.

  • One of the most important policies we apply is that Bonnie doesn't participate in end-of-season sales. We genuinely think fashion should not be disposable.
  • Our timeless collection fits into a continuous concept to last over seasonal trends. We avoid replacing or throwing out good quality clothes at discount prices twice (or even more) a year.
  • All our products are made of organic, recycled, or Oeko-tex certified materials.
  • We replaced the traditional polybags with compostable and water-soluble bags, and our overseas shipments are carbon neutralized via DHL's GoGreen offset program.
  • We work with a small Portuguese factory that also sources our organic material close to home. 

Our pieces are designed to grow into, and we take our time to source for good quality, so they can get a second life after your little trouble becomes not so little anymore.

That is why Bonnie also loves to see your outgrown kids' clothes sold pre-loved or donated to a good cause. ♡

There is a growing awareness – conscious consumption is more important than ever. So hats off for you, running with the only fashion trend that has any actual meaning. You chose quality over quantity, contributing to a new and better lifestyle.

Want to help us spread the love? Feel free to tag us @bonnieandthegang on instagram or facebook.

Thank you for shopping small and slow.


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